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    1. Meh, I destroy ass with more grace. I didn’t even see a decent “Oppa Gangnam Style” move there, or as I know they say “Broken Condom Style”. I once had a “broken Condom Style” moment, it was one of those days I will never forget. What’s her name had decided to go all the way and told me enough with the pussy play and just shove it in her ass, thus the little asshole was born 2lolo. That was one of the worst moments in my life seeing this thin black crack whore trying to push this little shit out behind a dumpster, and she had the nerve to ask for me to pay her as she is doing this. Moral is spring for a classy Hooker and Not a crackwhore…

  1. I’m so sick of this retarded dance everyone is doing. This trend is worse than the Macarena. I’m glad this person fell

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