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    1. Fuck this, I’m just going to write a script that automatically changes “First!” comments to something self-deprecating.

    1. You need to shut the fuck up or SMRT will show that we’re all stupid for arguing…something. You know he likes to keep it high-brow here. No more bullshit, okay?

    2. While I don’t agree with his methods, I’ll defend with my life his right to be a self-righteous ass blaster with a hard-on for me.

      Geez, that sounded gayer than I’d hoped.

    3. Yeah, well, I used to say the same, but I’m fucking tired of seeing these “I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” stickers when I know the ass-hats sporting them couldn’t give a fuck less about the troops other than that one relative that they have that’s in the services.
      And “rights”? What the fuck is that shit, anyways? Uhmericans love to spout out that they have them, but rarely know what the fuck they are.

    4. Just kidding. If he approached me with a hard-on I’d throw a hot coffee on his crotch and have his mom come pick him up from daycare.

    5. Chill Out FRED…… Go outside and find the first car and SUCK on the Tail Pipe… That should keep you happy for an hour or 2??????

  1. right .. high speed, low brain .. i wonder what was going through his head: “i go fast, i go good” ..
    cameraman’s comments are priceless though 🙂

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