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  1. someone and Jonesy just said the truth. This asshole can’t even park its bratmobile right. Not within one space, not even straight.

    Oh, I think I understand why now. He stopped because of an emergency. Like an explosive diarrhea.

  2. I’m not sure whether that’s really a WIN… I mean whoever made this took the sleek, shiny aesthetic Tim Burton movie-era Batmobile and ruined it with those friggin machine guns/auto-cannons and the dull black finish. Yeah, I know that the Burton-Batmobile had machine guns, but those were RETRACTABLE, which I highly doubt they are in this case… which actually makes me wonder whether this is really a customised car or maybe just a movie prop. I mean: Why would they make it dull black? I can’t imagine someone saying: “Hey look, I got this ubercool 1:1 Batmobile replica but the varnish was way to shiny and I thought it might look good with some guns on it”…

    1. well, what actually bothers me is not only the fact that it’s dull black (as I admit that after looking at some pics I was surprised to find out that the Burtonmobile wasn’t so shiny at all) but that it’s more some sort of dark grey – very much akin to the Nolanverse’s “Tumbler”. And it’s uneven, so this is a shitty paint job overall…

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