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    1. These dudes are fake and their ‘stunt’ is gay. Who the fuck tapes themselves doing this shit and then posts it online. Theses douchebags should die in a flaming fire.

    2. yes, I should be banned from the internet for pointing out that there are a lot of idiots on youtube. I am practically the next Hitler. and only little sensitive sallys like you should be allowed on here. please, take my internet ticket. I want you to have it.

    3. No need to get emo on ef over a poke in the ribs. Save that for your Friday night in the basement. Lets just agree that these guys are prove natural selection is second to science and move on as friends.

    4. it didn’t really need saying in the first place and no one else was confused about whether these guys are idiots or not. I’m really not sure who you’re trying to convince, but hey have fun with that.

    5. It’s almost as if you’re trying to apprear cooler or smarter than me. Almost. Too bad you don’t have the right equipment.

      I mean seriously, attacking me now based on how something didn’t need to be said? That’s the most hypocritical retort ever, especially when following your previous posts. Eat shit and die in a flaming flame with your friends. Dick.

    6. I COULD NEVER APPREAR COOLER OR SMRTER THAN THESES GUY! you know, when you’re trying to be some kind of pseudo-intelligent internet pedant, it usually helps if you don’t sound like a rambling sub-literate.

      also, please stop letting the sandman buttfuck you. it’s no wonder you’re so sensitive.

    1. it was even made before you got all butthurt and defensive about how stupid these guys are. isn’t that funny?

  1. You two should get a room, this public display of affection is making me feel funny……..or is that fake too? I’m so confused, the fake burning hair got me out of sorts.

  2. I Seen JIMMY do that but with FRED Hairy Ass Hair… When FRED let out a big Fart….. And JIMMY stuck her Nuts in the Fire and feed it to FRED….. JIMMY NUTS on an open Fire…….

    1. Gotta admit, I do gotta big butt-bush. I’m starting an awareness program for the lost art of butt-bush growing. Who wants to buy a bracelet?

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