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    1. I think he claims the “win” ’cause Cristiano Ronaldo is spitting over Messi (who is the best soccer player in the world and probably in soccer history)… jealous people everywhere.

    2. but the little picture is the avatar. that “opposing team guy” is his main picture that everyone sees when he talks. lose.

    3. sorry, I guess if I jerked off to soccer players as much as you guys I’d know more about their elaborate backwards facebook picture designs.

    1. awwwwww. are you going to follow me around like an ugly little puppy with diarrhea now? that’s cute.

    2. You got your own troll, Rip. You should feel honored. Send him a picture of your ballsack, he loves ballsacks.

    3. oh he’ll just go in the dusty pile in the corner with all the others once he gets boring. why waste a perfectly good ballsack pic on that?

    4. Boring; in eventful, without excitement or arousa. Not entertainingl. “Your sexlife is boring.”

      Bored; not excited or amused. “My penis is bored of your mothers anus.”

    5. I suppose my sex life MUST seem boring to you when you’re tapping my 67 year old mother’s fat ass.

  1. @JIMMY WTF!!!!!! SWALLOW that damn thing from FRED……. Not everyday FRED gets a BJ from you….
    Was It From a BJ or you are Sucking FRED ASS????

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