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  1. Fake! It’s clearly clear she photoshopped that guy into the picture with herself. What a loser…I’d still do her, though.

    1. @FRED did you ever seen your lover JIMMY do a Girl??? I know JIMMY just want to ack like she a man…..

    2. 2looloo, I thought we had you straightened out from all that drunken, nonsensical, illiterate, non-grammer, rambling shit. What’s up, buddy? Do you need to go back to birth video rehab or some shit? What?

    3. Ripply, you don’t seem to realize that what you are calling the fake 2lulu is the real 2lulu.
      You seem to need to realize that with the fake 2lulus we…uh they… were intellectuals. The real 2lulu is a fuckwit. We…uh…they…were just trying to show you guys that fact…and fuck with him at the same time.

    4. I thought it was just a retarded one and an even more retarded one. I can’t really even tell the difference most of the time.

    5. Okay, now you’re beginning to really piss me off! I mean I resemble… I mean I resent that comment.
      You can’t tell me from that fuckwit?
      Thanks alot!
      Not to say that I was ever involved in being any thing like 2lulu or anything. I’m just arguing for those heroes that fought to fuck with the fuckwit. I mean, you should give us,… I mean them…a bit more credit. Ya know?

    6. the only time I remember the fake 2lolo admitting that they were the fake and talking like a normal person was when they were having a detailed conversation about chokefucking or somesuch. otherwise it was all the same FRED DOES JIMMY IN THE BUTT WHILE EATING A POOP SANDWICH BLAH BLAH BLAH

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