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  1. I bet now that fat asian girl on the left feels like a fool for taking this photo! This picture makes me feel like wearing my erica shirt.

    1. @jimmyjohnson its funny that you say that when you use the name of the weirdest looking football coach, and the most redneck retard ugly ass nascar driver thats a double fail. Go die

  2. It’s the granny with the tan that is the fail , she is 40 years older then these girls , yet trying to look young. Her sweatshirt says it all . . . OLD’S. Get back to the seniors home you old bag , your depends are sagging.

    1. The sad thing is that she is probably 25 years old and just looks like a freak of nature from tanning for years and years.

  3. I think the one on the left is the fitting in fail. The rest were or still are hot. What do you think Rippy? Am I still being high brow or have you realized that my screen name is all you’re pissed off at? Fucking retard.

    1. I hear ya there. She looks like old shoe leather , and that smile is fucking horrible , it makes her look like a chipmunk.

  4. The sweatshirt is Golds gym. I bet the tanned one was in a figure competition(and needs a bronzer).The rest were her fans. 🙂

  5. Yeah, I’m not sure which is the most fugly. Who are we supposed to be laughing at here? They should have put an arrow or something. Then again, if you can’t tell who isn’t fitting in, maybe it’s not a proper Fitting In Fail.

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