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Submitted by Pete S.

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    1. the most intelligent and interesting people i have ever met say they hate facbook and will never join it

      militaryminded85 03/11/12

    2. the most intelligent and interesting people you have ever met could be tractor pull champions for all we know.

      what’s with the name and date? do you really think people are going to quote you?

    3. why?, why fuck with me?, im trying my god damned hardest to look really clever and witty on this site and all you do is piss on my fire…im really not happy now…im actually shaking with anger over this…i was going to make a hot cup of coco but you just put me off the whole thing…thanks

  1. I can say something semi-serious here. That post is a reflection of an American culture, vastly becoming worldwide, of how youth oriented consumption is – there is now a fictional age category called Tween (vaguely between pre-teen and post toddler) which age groups from 6-12 can fall in but it is always changing based on a marketable need socially engineered by companies. So little girls feel that their value and self worth is based on attractiveness and for males it is the physical aggression and presence.

    Social engineering at its worst, turn away from facebook, manufactured social networking and discover alternative activities.

    Wait, whom I talking to?

    1. tween is pre-teen, one in the same, just another slang word invented by a culture. and this has nothing to do with consumption. its about the idea that a young person doesnt know what love is. nothing to do with bueaty. now i see where you are coming from with conspiracy theory that in some way corps are out to get you. the idea is planted in everyones head by those who seek equality in the economy. however a company cannot social engineer. its impossible, the people want what they want and there is always a company to provide it. ask yourself with all seriousness, do you really think a company could make america think being fat is bueatiful. no, they could not. so why do you think a company could make being skinny beuatiful. people have trends the companies do not make them they just exploit them.

    2. @jokasta, Other than the fact that jim carrey didn’t teach you how to spell beautiful, I am in agreement with what you are saying.

    3. And as for myself, I couldn’t give a shit on anything you say because people as a mass are a stupid flock of sheep lead to slaughter, yourselves included.

    4. Actually companies DO social engineer children through ideas that beauty and products are intermixed and are the earmarks of an identity for girls ( see documentary “Consuming Kids”). More specifically for males you can check out “Tough Guise” available on youtube.

      You invoked a term “Conspiracy theory” which is often the vernacular used to be dismissive of any idea which discusses designs that are not a part of a major widely accepted paradigm. Just watch those documentaries and then investigate by looking at published works of those who are interviewed, particularly in “Consuming Kids” and, while you are at it, you can take a look at “War On Kids.”

      Do I think obesity is marketed as cool? Of course not, but the products that contribute to it are. Such as the junk foods and soft drinks which contain high fructose corn syrup (not cane sugar) and you can investigate those as well.

      Companies can manufacture a culture through mass marketing of a product which is what they do and it does extent to adults such as in “Affluenza.” Investigate the hoopla and hype around the iphone5, a device most people do not need or technology in general. Yes it is good but to what extent has the desires been surpassed by need – you can read a book by Sherry Turkle called “Alone Together” by Sherry Turkle, an academic at MIT, particularly the second half of that book where she interviews and talks about High School kids who are glued to their cellphones, facebook and email. You think that just happened on its own or was there some marketing involved which helped spurred peer pressure (that is part of social engineering by the way) so that those who are not “up to date” feel intense ostracism if they do not become a part of the crowd.

      Social Engineering is a part of Socialization, an actual Sociological phenomenon in which a children , and adults, are trained in the ways of a culture and the social personality that they are to present in it.

      Need I say more? How about our current culture of Terrorism, each citizen is encouraged to “See Something, Say Something” and spy on neighbors as opposed to respecting individual rights as sovereign citizens.

      Social Engineering is real just because you wish to dismiss it as conspiratorial does not mean it is false.

      Now, are you going to look at the documentaries I mentioned and the books before you respond? Or are you going to be dismissive of those actual examples to which you will find others.

      (There is another called female chauvanist pig that also points to femininity being encouraged through sexual aggression in women)

    5. So…American culture spreading world wide? Never mind that in Pakistan, you, as a female, could be SOLD as a WIFE at 10 years old. If you cannot yet bear children, its your husband-of-any-age’s fault.

    6. but has anyone stopped to wonder what any of this even has to do with facebook or even this particular most likely fictional facebook post?

      gullible overdramatic kids have been being neglected and raised by their television sets/unsupervised internets long before facebook came around and conversing with people on the internet is not what anyone would call one of the “dangers of the internet” (unless you’re conversing with pedophiles or 2lolo)

      I mean I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, but I have no idea how any of it has anything to do with anything on this ironically advertisement and “conversation” filled internet page either.

  2. By the way it is quite profitable for companies to tell women they are too fat so they can sell wait loss products and market the preferred image through female actresses. How many plus sized actresses (size 12 or above but most would say 6 is the minimum) are seen as leading ladies in movies? How many derogatory comments (I know they are in jest) about women who fit in the plus sized category are made here? Where did the idea that they are not desirable come from? Social Engineering/Socialization.

    Sorry about the long posting on this but I know about Socialization and how you train a population to engage the outcome you desire (Deliberate Dumbing Down – that’s a book).

    One more thing @Wreck It Ralph the herd mentality is another component of social engineering/socialization which is why one can invoke “Conspiracy Theory” and the sheep would turn away from any idea and fall in line with the masses.

    Alright I am done here.

  3. That’s not so much of a fail to me. The real fail is how that 14-year-old who actually made a pretty sensible statement given his or her age was told to shut up for no real reason.

  4. Don’t get it. she never said she was “old enough” to feel like that herself. she’s just saying people that age are too young to think their life ended because of a guy.. and she clearly stated they had their whole life ahead of themselves. whole lif.. not until you turn 14. Worst contribution ever. posting it was a fail

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