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    1. No he’s got his mom, his dog and his creepy uncle Arnold to give him the occasional pity hand job.

  1. I imagine those two in white having it on in a hotel room. I accidentally slams the door in while they rub their tits against eachother – and they are like ‘what’s the problem officer?’. Long storie shot- I do them in their back holes untill I start to think ‘is this too gay?’. Then I do them in their vags. Afterwards, when their big bang orgasme has stopped, they are like ‘thanks for making us hetrosexcual officer’ and I go ‘no problem ladies’.

    That could happen you know…

    1. @ Grenouille

      A foursome ai?? I hear you load and clear, but plz.. I’m not Jesus or anything.. I can maximum convert two at a time.

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