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    1. yeah it’s been for a long time and how is it offensive if it is not physically on the menu? it’s only ordered by people who know it who are usually grown up enough that it isn’t offensive to them

      best part of this burger is it is only $2 plus tax where applicable

  1. its off the fucking menu… as long as kids dont see it… i think we should be able to buy a McRapeMyBitch if we want…i dont think kids should be eating out of fast food joints anyway…i love it how the government fuck with us like this,… excuse me? but can you refrain from using vulgarity?.. im trying to kill my child with corn syrup and hydrogenated fat….i can see myself doing something extreme involving an Ak47 and a board of office official standard rule makers one day

  2. there’s a reason to put that name in a SECRET menu… to keep it SECRET… the moralist that whine against that name are just carebears that whine against anything… shame to the assholes that made a secret menu public to everybody

  3. Fuck anyone that doesn’t like what their items are called. It’s not up to the public to decide what McDonald’s or anyone else calls ANYTHING. If this is the case, why is porn allowed to exist when children don’t see it? Anyone that complains about the name of a SECRET MENU ITEM needs to get a fucking life. The people at McDonald’s didn’t actually start calling it that, anyway. The people fucking ordering it did and now most people that work there KNOW WHAT IT IS, so they make it for you. In short, stop crying about dumb shit. If a child can’t see it, it isn’t hurting a child. Same with porn, sex toys, etc – All of this shit exists but children aren’t affected by it. Stop being cry babies.

  4. Fuck me!!!
    Is that an actual proper television station???

    Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to let that male presenter in front of the cameras wearing that thing stuck to his head???

    I thought for a minute it was alive!

  5. it’s funny where their priorities lay… they doesn’t care for their childrens to eat an explosive mixture of cholesterol and grouth hormones with saturated fat and chemicals, as long as the secret name of it isn’t disgusting… american’s parenthood epic FAIL

  6. If you order the McGang-Rape it’s the same sandwich, they just hold you down and shove it in your mouth while you cry and vomit, and at the end they throw the mayonnaise on your face.

  7. typical tv news sensationalist garbage. they make it sound like some kind of secret burger conspiracy.”secret menu” my ass. people just order custom food items sometimes is all it is. it’s just a local thing, not some official McDonalds created item. just a custom order sandwich that has become so popular with the locals that it has a nick name. they should have known better than to use that name for it, but big fuckin deal.

    1. funny thing is think how many people are going to go try to order this thing all over the country now. probably going to just bring them more business in the end.

  8. Be sure to order everything off the secret menu: the McRussianStarfish, the McSanFranciscoBirdfeeder and the McTacobagging; don’t forget to wash it down with a refreshing McSnowball.

  9. fuck I pissed myself laughing! who gives a shit about the name it’s on the secret menu kids won’t see it anyway! I wonder how did they get the idea to call that sandwich a McGangBang though? of all the names they could have picked lmao

  10. OK, first off… it’s a family friendly joint… supposed to be, anyway. If someone has their 3-yo in line, and they are standing behind some snickering 15-yo who has never seen pussy outside of the internet, who orders a “McGangBang”, it doesn’t much matter if it’s on a “secret” menu, does it? Right, so… idiot. It shouldn’t be served, because they shouldn’t encourage morons to talk about gangbangs at their restaurant.

    I’m a pretty sick &%^*, but I just gotta wonder where it ends. Idiots will start shouting “YOLO” and throwing feces at people in another 10 years… and then all the morons who are celebrating this ridiculousness now will be like “Hey man, why did you throw feces in my mouth… that’s not funny!”, and the kid will be like “It’s on the secret menu… it doesn’t matter!” THAT is when you’ll wake up, step back, and think “MY GOD… WHAT HAVE WE DONE?”

    Guess what… rape isn’t funny. Try getting raped… see how funny it is. “YOLO” is not a justification to be an idiot… in fact, it’s a reason NOT to be an idiot. Gangbangs, albeit total blasts, are not appropriate dinner conversation in public. By all means… get your freak on, enjoy herpes… it’s all good… but don’t do it in McDonalds.

    “Maybe it was us. I dunno, but maybe somehow WE lowered the bar, a long time ago… and now we’re all sittin’ here in the stink of it all.”

    -South Park



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