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  1. I hope that dipshit wasn’t fucking serious when he said the water was to absorb the heat. Water conducts and transfers heat exponentially greater than air. God damn moron.

    1. You must be seriously trolling if you can’t understand why he got his hand wet, or unbelievably stupid.

    2. You must be an idiot because water doe not transfer heat better than air. Why do you think if you put water over an open flame it takes time to boil but the air around the flame reaches the boiling temperature of water much faster.

  2. Secret ingredient probably calcium carbide. Forms acetylene gas when mixed with water. Have an antique bicycle headlight that runs on it. Used in miner/caver lamps too. No batteries required!

  3. What an asshole. He didn’t even check on her right away. And he was an asshole for setting up this “experiment” that turned out to be more dangerous than he realized.

  4. Actually, it was probably Sodium. Took about the same amount of time, it was boiling, and it produces flames when it goes boom. Like a little time bomb, also it had the the blast:mass ratio that sodium would have, and it would only react when the correct ratio of water was introduced. I might be wrong though, sodium will get hot and react slowly when exposed to air, and I don’t know how long that sample was exposed to air. Then again Calcium carbide is a very possible compound as well, since when he was using was probably an ignitor. Obviously he did not do his math though. He probably should have figured out how much reactant to use in order to not overdose the reaction and hurt someone.

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