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    1. Ok, if you insist.
      First to have a fag dressed in a Big Bird costume give you a hand job using a Brillo pad dipped in ghost pepper purée.

  1. She should quit worrying with Photoshop, drinking beer, eating fried foreskins, and start showing some pink.
    Furthermore, she should provide me with a link to her porn uploads below. None of that “anal virgin first time” bullshit either. Let’s see some vadge damage happenin’.

    1. @FRED What will you do if you see a real “Pussy”??
      I know what you did to JIMMY FORESKIN……it was Mmmm!!! Good!!!

  2. The real picture is fine with those girls-how sad to have these kids under 18 who don’t even know how to work Photoshop trying to make themselves look better!

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