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  1. nobody in that league can tackle. it’s like comedy central out there.

    and that’s a father living the dream through his daughter.

  2. A that age boys and girls are nearly equal in athletic performance. Wait until puberty sets in, thats why there are no female football players in high school or pro leagues.

  3. Talk about a Dad with fuckin issues…holy shit man, your daughter isn’t gonna grow a dick over night. I have an uncle who did the exact same shit to his 2nd daughter… He forced her to play hockey and baseball her whole life..Now she’s a self-proclaimed 16 year old lesbian.

    1. Maybe she likes playing football. Your the one with issues if yuo assume that a girl can’t play sport that mainly men play and enjoy it.

  4. Such a stupid and boooring sport. Why don’t you play rugby instead? You are afraid of doing this without armor and helmet, right?

    1. If you were to play football with no “armor” you’d get killed. The type of athelete that plays rugby can’t compare with a football player.You would have far less injuries in football if you played with no pads.You tend to hit harder with pads on than you ever would without.

    2. American Football has a different approach to playing as well. There’s a lot of open field contact between two players going full speed. A few years ago they finally decided to ban helmet-to-helmet contact when initiating a tackle, a type a tackle that is responsible for at least two or three severe concussions every year in the NFL. The perils of American Football go beyond that. Every year someone ends up paralyzed or dead from playing/practicing Football. It is THE most dangerous sport of all time.

    3. I’m saying that american football was derived directly from rugby and those differences completely degrade the game. It’s clear you wouldn’t tackle without protection – don’t you understand takcling is not fun? This and the fact you can pass by hand in all directions ruin the meaning of the game. Only americans can be amused by sport like that. You know, rugby is gentlemen’s sport, american football is, with all respect to players’ ability, just couple of idiots tackling and easilly scoring.

    4. Spokk, you’re a tool. Football is a great sport and quite honestly, tackling is fun. Nothing quite like hitting someone so hard their teeth click! But you were probably that pussy getting rocked and crying to his mommy on the sideline. Go warm a bench…

  5. Cant understand why the girlies keep changing costumes every few seconds but do like how she scores in both directions.
    This goes a long way to explain how this game never caught on this side of the pond. UK

    1. Plating, as in “After gender-ambiguous Sam peaks at the age of 8, she will withdraw to the high school pantry, where she will be making and plating sandwiches for a bunch of football players better than her, as her ovaries slowly erode from an excess exposure to her own bodies testosterone.”

  6. she’s a machine! one of the smallest people on the pitch in every clip, and still taking it on the chin and handing it out by the bucketload. solid. i just hope she enjoys it, cos i doubt she’ll make a living at it. shame really.

  7. You guys have it all wrong. She will end up in a pro league there is such a thing for womens. Its called Lingerie Football. I have got to say they have more balls then the men… Barely any armor and tackle each other harder. Even tho they are women… compared to men with their hits… Fucking scary.

    1. You sound like someone who’s never seen or played Football ever. Call me when the average woman in the LFL is 6’4” and weighs 250 lbs.

  8. Most of you are overthinking it. Of course her body will change and most likely her attitude towards playing this will turn to other things. But…at those moments when she is playing that (and being athletic) she is giving it her best! I love watching football but believe me, I’m a girlie girl! Just because the girl is playing kiddie football that will not make her choose a different sexuality. If I could have played that when I was her age I would have. Let her enjoy the moment and the drive that she learns from this (and not to give up when you are knocked down). It may just make her some great success someday in her career. I think she is an epic WIN!

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