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  1. They might as well have quit……..these stupid mofo’s then put the video on the internet……..see ya at the unemployment line

  2. What a bunch of dicks. Fine, you’re pissed at Wal Mart, but at least you got ajob you fat bastards. Besides what did any of those people do to them.

    If they ever wonder why their lives never acheived more then being Wal Mart Stockroom Boys they will always have this video to look back on.

    1. if they haven’t yet, I’m sure they will soon now that this is going all over the internet. I don’t know how people can still be so stupid as to film shit like this and not know what happens next.

  3. HauHeek Id’s Broke Like maeh Teeth HauHeeekk. YeeeHaaww..

    China Slave Labor meet’s USSA’s mental enslaved Labor force..

    Oh the Irony. Merikaa!! ROADHOUSE!!!

  4. I used to work in this position this is how it is done, except for the purposely trying to break shit and the filming it.

    It comes out of walmart and other stores forcing a situation where you have to unload 4-6 trucks in less then an hour each, and separating everything by the different departments of the store since the trucks come in with everything mixed up.

    on a side note they have a future in the airline business (get to do much worse things there)

    1. Uhh….you make it sound like Walmart is forcing the situation to make your life hard. It’s your job – Walmart doesn’t want to break down pallets at the warehouse and organize everything neatly by department before loading on the trucks – instead they pay store employees to do it, and assume that employees will be happy enough to have a job and a paycheck that they won’t f*ck around and break sh*t on purpose.

    2. what I mean jackoff is that they train you to throw the stuff because they have 4-8 people working and around 16 departments they don’t encourage walking items to each section

    3. I drive a truck and deliver to walmarts, k-marts, targets, ect all the time. Never have I seen a situation where the employees are forced to unload my truck within an hour. It’s usually 2-3 employees and they take in between 2-3 hours to unload my truck, and I have rarely seen any other truck besides my own delivering to any location at one time. In fact, employees will tell me that they get about 1 or 2 trucks per week. I deliver to all kinds of stores, from busy cities to backwoods towns, and it is the same everywhere. Where you supposedly worked at that does 4-6 trucks at less than an hour each is in some fantasyland, as that is impossible to do by hand.

    4. Well good truck driver, I shall tell you this: I work at a Kroger, and our full week budget is about a quarter of what most walmarts make. That being said my particular store gets 4 trucks each day, and 1 truck in the middle of the night every single day. We also get on Tuesdays and Thursdays two additional trucks, Fridays 1 additional truck. We have approximately 45 minutes to break the truck down once it gets off the truck itself and is signed for. The larger trucks they sometimes give us as much as 50 minutes. Kroger employees don’t throw stuff they just make our back room so small that in order to get anything done you have to move fast. This is the world of retail.

  5. I really really hope their management finds out about this and they get fired. There are so many people out there who need a job and would love and appreciate the opportunity to be employed. People like this make me sick.

  6. Pay people minimum wage because they’re replaceable, make them work long hours, unloading trucks full of goods they can’t afford ….. get mad at the workers for breaking shit …. seems legit.

    1. yeah we should be more understanding of grown men breaking other people’s “toys” while they’re having tantrums like entitled little toddlers.

    2. The Soviet Russia had a permanent solution for idiots like this. It involved the back of their head and a pistol.

    3. should they be breaking stuff? no, absolutely not. Should they be getting paid enough to care about their jobs, and not the bare minimum so wal-mart can look good to it’s share holders? definitely.

      They arent correct in what they are doing, but the system is broken and this is the result.

    1. I get it…..he will be broke too when he get’s fired haha. Who’s this “Me” dumbass that doesn’t understand irony?

  7. Lets see how they like it when they no longer have jobs as I am a manager for a store and have now turned this in to cooperate headquarters and we will find these three employees and they will be fired, and they will have hard time finding jobs with this on their records

  8. @MrB I hope he “realizes” that any comment including misspelled words will immediately be subjected to ridicule. Not my rule, just the way it is.

    1. It’s not misspelled – only the US uses a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’. Obviously you are oblivious to the world around you.

  9. Walmarts home office will send this video to every store and find out who they are and fire and charge them for everyone of the Ipads not very smart people posting it for the world to see…..

    1. It’s already known where this was and who they were, and none of them work for Walmart any more. So, you can rest well.

  10. I worked at walmart during the night shift and NO WHERE in the training did I ever see something that says to throw stuff. I agree they are acting like idiots because they dont own the stuff. Walmart doesnt pay the best but it is a damn paycheck more than some can say…..pretty soon they will be part of our growing unemployement rates.

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