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    1. Ya know what….this is the reason kids commit fucking suicide hearing and seeing shit like this. Grow the fuck up and start acting like adults…you wouldn’t like it if this were a member of your family on here and something happened to them would you. I for one know this guy in the pic and he’s a good guy who sees people for who they are not by there color and weight so get it the fuck together and see how you’d feel if this were you!!!

    2. – okay , i’m on this team . & i’ont appreciate the disrespect that we’re receiving . this is so damn childish & what if this happened to you , your friends , or maybe your family ? would you like people to talk about you ? hm’ i think NOT . so whoever posted this could you please delete it ? thank you (:

  1. This is the reason kids and people commit suicide. Ignorant people like ya’ll talking about things they’ve been made fun of all their life. Ya’ll would like it very much if this was your family member and something happened to them…would you? I for one know this guy and un-like ya’ll he sees people for who they are and not for the color of their skin or their weight. So get it together and act like adults. I know it’s hard for ya’ll but at least try to be grown.

  2. To whomever posted this, you can jump off a cliff. I bet you’re ugly as hell! You’re just mad because your ass can’t cheer! That’s a damn shame how you hide behind a computer screen and pick on someone who didn’t do anything to you! stupid bastard!! it’s okay, because karma is a bitch and I hope it beats the shit out of your ass!!!

  3. – he is a very nice person . he doesn’t discriminate against anyone so why pick on someone you don’t even know ? this is the reason people give up on life & everything else . because people like YOUUU want to pick & choose . & i know it’s some ignorant & considerate person that goes to Patrick Henry & our games . it’s okay , ’cause whoever you are your computer will be getting traced (: haha . & then we’re going to upload a picture of you on here & see how you like it . does that sound fun to you ? if not . then delete this bullshit & stop being racist towards your kind . dumb fuck !

    1. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t attempt to participate in events that I am obviously unfit for. A reasonable person would understand that given his situation and the public nature of the events he has decided to partake in that he will be ridiculed, which is an evolved source of natural selection used to enlighten people and deter them from engaging in foolish tasks that they were not intended to perform.

  4. Breona and Kindell need to shut the fuck up. That’s what is wrong with the world today. Not everybody gets to do everything they want. Life aint fair. Pass it on.

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