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    1. what’s fake about it? it’s just a simple pencil drawing. there’s way more detailed 3d art out there than this.

    1. this dickhead’s never heard of ladder safety or some shit everybody know the safe angle of a ladder to climb should be as followed.

      Checklist for setting up
      a portable ladder:
      • Look for a safe location.
      • Prepare firm, level footing.
      • Set ladder at a 75 degree angle.
      • Extend ladder 3 feet above landing.
      • Secure ladder at the bottom.
      • Secure ladder at the top.
      • Keep area clear of hazards and
      barricade bottom to protect from
      “Your life can
      just change
      in one day…
      completely. I
      was completely
      devastated. I
      was in shock
      for a long time.
      I didn’t know
      what to do.”
      — Millie Bevans
      Millie and Frankie Bevans
      lost husband/father in a
      fall on a plumbing job.

      hope i saved some lives here today

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