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  1. Using people in it makes this a fail and goes against what Rude Goldberg machines are all about.
    This was painful to watch, so I barely got half way through it.

    1. any “Rube Goldberg Machine” would hve to start with some sort of human interaction anyway, so each section starting with a human is still part of the game. i thought this was awesome.

    2. Wezza, you have an understanding fail going on. Yes, Rude Goldberg machines are started by a person, but after that there is not supposed to be any human interaction with the made machine to have it continue further, and that is where the fail it.
      But I have to admit, starting the machine by a person skydiving and landing on a pad is an awesome start… although he missed the bulls eye and had to run to it to start the machine.
      Failure, upon failure, upon failure, upon failure……

  2. Technically, a “Rube-Goldberg Machine” runs by itself after it is started, and does not need man’s interference after it’s started. This is great, but not R-G. :/

  3. What would’ve been cool is an aerial shot of the whole thing. This could easily have been edited together. Still pretty impressive though.

  4. The only ‘win’ about this is the scale. Otherwise it misses every salient test of a Rube Goldberg machine. There are many other videos out there that are total R-G wins.

  5. This video kind of pisses me off… because it could have been epic beyond epic, if not for the absolute failure in how the camera work was executed. You’re lucky if you even caught what happened in the last step, before the next one began.

  6. What should be noted is that the creators of the video do not call it a Rube Goldberg machine, they call it a Kluge.

    A Kluge is a complicated machine that serves no actual purpose. The person labeling this as a Rube Goldberg machine is in error, but the makers of the video are not.

    As such, it is indeed a Kluge WIN.

  7. i would have got in the chopper and picked up a pepsi on the way to the place where people are not doing this type of shit

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