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    1. I’m sorry “DUDEITIS” I don’t swing your way but I’ll call BBandBracelets… He swing your way…… Sorry FRED is taken………

    2. I still love you, you sexy man-beast. I’ll never forget that one time we played tummy sticks and listened to Bieber — our little secret. *wink*

  1. I would love tie him up to a tree….take a small foam bat and just beat him to death with it…. I hate fat people…really I loathe them, if you are over weight you should eat a bullet traveling at 661mph. I just wanna slap every fat person right in their fat fucking faces…hell, I’d enjoy just slapping them to death. There is not one single excuse to be fat…. Not one…You have a thyroid issue “run more eat less dumbass”….oh it’s hereditary? “your whole cousin bumpin family chugged chicken juice for 6 generations.” That automatically curses you for life? No…stfu & workout, run, bike, Fuck…. You don’t even have to do that… You just have to glue your hands to your sides or just cut your hands…Maybe just eat right… Yeah that means no fast food, might as well kill yourself now.

    1. everybody thats me stanley white find me on facebook at stanley flykid white im a good person and i got a blockhead and mi leg is broke and well im FAT and mi first chin goes straight to my neck

  2. I thought the fail was just this dumbass thinking he was cool pumping his bbgun and acting real cool. Then he tried to climb the tree…Multi-Fail!

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