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    2. HEY bex, take your nazi ass to germany, America is and always will be multicultural country…ya loser…

  1. Can you imagine this great country being “run… errr ruin” by folks like these. Ignoramos USA(gnew, gnew,gnew,gnew..gnew,gnew…Whew!!! thank REASON there are more educated folks…

  2. i dont understand why people actually vote…because at the end of the day, they all sit around the same table loling at all you dumb asses for believing they all have different beliefs…all that “vote for me because i believe in this” crap is just to see what kind of society they’re dealing with…and then what they do is distract you with kissing baby’s and empty promise’s wile they fuck some real shit up under the radar and then when people start to realize nothing is actually getting done, oh what do ya know its time to re elect a new face to hate…obama only got in the white house because he was black, the government knew something big was going to happen in the black community, so they gave black people a face and the revolution just died out….thats how primitive we all still are tho…we need a leader.. makes me sick

    1. shut the fuck up, no one gives a shit what you think, what you thought or what you say, every comment of your’s makes me want to hurt your face with something jagged and hot…stop!…just stop!

    2. It’s the biggest popularity contest in the world. Obama’s the cool kid in school, Bush was that crazy fun guy we all like to get drunk with, Clinton was the smooth talking, jazz playing musician, Reagan was our lovable grandpa, The first bush was our lovable grandpa’s friend that we tolerate on fishing trips. All of their opponents were portrayed in the media as aloof nerdy types, or old senile men. The sheep lap up the propaganda fed to them because they want to feel like they’re part of something special.

    3. Michael and KingSpib need to suck militaryminded85’s dick, hes actually a pretty cool guy, i got to know him over the weekend and i take back what i said and hand it to you two

    1. so you rounded Obama’s 50.5% up to 60% and Romney’s 48% down to 40% and changed a 2.5% victory into a 20% victory? So, in 2004 Bush won in a landslide by 20% as well?

    2. No, Obama got 332 electoral votes and Romney got 206. That’s a pretty huge difference. Yeah the popular vote was pretty split, but that don’t mean shit in the presidential election, only the electoral votes matter.

    3. er…you know they don’t actually decide by the popular vote though, right?

      Obama won by exactly 61% of the electoral vote, which is the one that actually counts.

      oh, sorry, did you think your vote mattered?

  3. Good thing Obama won. If her husband got permanent damage and became incapacitated, they mired in poverty. Thanks to healthcare/Obamacare there is still a future! Although I wouldn’t like to see my tax money getting waisted her.

  4. The stupid thing is AZ went to Romney. How would him voting in AZ help then? They live in Scottsdale AZ, which is pretty center of the state, it’s not like they live on the border and could have voted in another state.

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