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  1. Shouldn’t get your tattoo done by Ralph Wiggum.

    “Me Fail English? That’s unpossible!”
    “Hello Super Nintendo Chalmers.”

  2. @DUDETITS, Not on your arm….. On your Forehead.. FRED LOVES MORONS…… HELL!!! FRED LOVES ANY COCK……… But Bigger the better, Right FRED…….

    1. @FRED, JIMMY Mother and Sister got my over size head of my Cock in their Mouth, pussy and ass…..
      Ask JIMMY to take your little Cock in your Mouth, pussy and ass…… Oopss! Sorry no MAN-Made Pussy YET….. Someday FRED you will get your wish…. Till than keep walking the streets.. And Stop smoking that CRACK……

    2. Better slow down on that booze, 2lolo, or you won’t be able to stumble down to the titty-bar when it opens at noon.

    3. I love titty bar…. there you can find real woman with real tits and pussy….. Someday FRED you will have your very own man made tits and pussy….

  3. It’s obvious that the tattoo artist was drunk. Nobody could be that stupid, except maybe the customer who is showing this off as if it were good.

    1. @FRED, What life you have??? A life of a DRAG QUEEN Walking the streets smoking Crack…… Your LOVER “PIMP” JIMMY is spending all of your Money on other Boys……

  4. As an english speaker I see people get tattoos in diff languages all the time and get them wrong, so fingers crossed this is someone who does know english but decided to get it in english…. or shes stupid as fuck

  5. 2lolo is a fag. who really takes the time to comment on every single thread. get it together guy. unless of course youre the owner than its cool bro. dont be a fag lolo

  6. I don’t think it is a Fail. I think it is a fake. Look at the red square around the area of the words. The letters would be red and puffy not a square. This is a fake rub on / hot towel on etc…

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