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    1. Disneyland… That’s where FRED got kick out….. FRED was trying to give GOOFY and Blow-on in the restroom…….

    2. While wichterich rubs the little peanut nub he depressingly calls a penis, while sucking off a diseased donkey and being bukakked by a prison sized load of black men, while fantasizing about cooking and eating jimmy’s dead grandfather’s rotten wrinkled anus, while watching me.

    1. If it was all in cursive, yes, but it’s not. It’s a Q.

      I mean aside from the fact that Sheniqua is a commonly used name for describing fictional black women. It’s part of the whole joke.

    2. (and yes it LOOKS cursive, but people often just draw normal lower case Qs like that to make them more distinguishable from lower case Gs. Hey, you have fun continuing to try to call some fictional black chick for a date though.)

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