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    1. It might be a photoshop, but those are street names in my town. This Way, That Way, Circle Way, Center Way.

    2. this is actually an intersection in a town in texas. the streets are actually called this way and that way. you can google it. its in lake jackson texas.

    3. This actually exists…I grew up in the town next to it…the streets are in Lake Jackson, Texas. Google it….and giving directions around that area is no picnic!

  1. That is not photoshoped…it is from a town called Lake Jackson in Texas. The town was founded in 1943 and the architect of the town was telling the road builders about how he wanted the streets to run, he said he “wanted a road to go this way and that way”…hence why they were named that way. We also have streets in the town named: Winding Way, Circle Way, Any Way, Center Way.

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