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    1. If you are confirming that his identification was correct, does that not then show that you also possess the aforementioned “gay-making” knowledge?

      p.s. Abortions rule!

    1. My house was built by white guys back in the early 1960’s.
      I bought said house in 2010.
      I myself alone have done extensive remodeling to it since then with nary a non English speaking person playing that dumb ass Ranchero music on a boom box around.

  1. This goes to show you that even the person holding the camera knew not to us a pruning saw while standing on a ladder. What a moron.

  2. im starting to wonder why they call it common sense, because if anything, this site has taught me its not that common

  3. @Barlion Did you get hurt?? DAMN!!! That tree Branch went deep up your BUTT HOLE…… Sorry I see you CUMING ….. ENJOY the Branch……

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