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    1. YES THEY DO FRED….. Stop dropping your panties and bending over…… You got more pole up your ass than JIMMY………

    2. Anybody ever tell you you’re queerer than a three dollar bill…other than your parents, grandparents, teachers, just everybody you’ve ever come in contact with, and ME? You should have a FAGGOT award framed and wear it on a chain around your neck.

  1. it’s a mistake fromt electricity compagny. The compagny that make the road ask them to move it and they dont came fast enough so they ake the road and they remove the pole one day after. Bureaucracy at their best !

  2. so has every one failed to notice the fact that there are shadows from the trees stretching across the road and yet no shadow from the pole, the only shadown around it seems to be comeing from a power line not a pole.

  3. Fake as fuck. That thing wouldn’t last one day before someoen slammed into it accidentally or deliberately and filed & won a mutil-million dollar lawsuit.

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