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  1. Any chance of seeing any OC before the end of the year? Getting bored of coming on this site to think I’ve been redirected to 9fag.

  2. Now if he was selling “CROTCHLESS PANTIES” or “OPEN CROTCH CHEEKS PANTIES” FRED will be happy……. But only if it was XXXL size……..

    1. @FRED, Who ME???? FRED….. You know better than!!!!!!! Your the DRAG QUEEN and the World Champ for “ASS2MOUTH”…….

    2. Go ahead. Have the last word with one of your unoriginal, meaningless cliches and think you’ve won again. I’m traumatized by your fuckwitted quips. Now go lick your nipples, stick one of those frozen dead babies you keep in the freezer up your ass, watch a birthing video while squeezing that babicicle out, and be happy.

    3. LOOK FRED Your Wife JIMMY want’s to get in the act…. Sorry did I say “WIFE”…… It’s HUSBAND JIMMY for tonight…. Tomorrow night is FRED to be the Husband and Swet JIMMY is the WIFE……..

    4. @JIMMY What are you talking about????
      ” i you want to kick” ?????????? IMMY now you sound like FRED CUMING…..

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