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    1. It’ll wind up being a collector’s item and be worth millions. The government should invest in a few trillion of them.

    2. YES!!! FRED!!!!! When you get 1 or 2 write your name on it….. BLACK GATOR FRED, Green JIMMY…
      I didn’t know JIMMY is Banging you…….

    1. Those little gator polo shirts, which are called Lacoste. I guess EpicFail guy didn’t actually get the joke either. Again.

    2. No, he pretty obviously doesn’t.

      I get the holocaust angle just fine you little butthurt closet jewbag.

    3. I haven’t seen a parody-esque shirt in a while, but this is definitely one of them. What ever happened to Spencer’s gifts? Well I don’t actually go to the mall, so that question is relatively pointless.

    4. Hey kingspib , what’s that name mean , that your a Jew lover. . . Me thinks you protest to much , go back to Israel you loser . We don’t need you fucking imposters sucking up all the good air . . . While your at it try to upgrade that grade 4 education that you have.

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