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    1. it’s the fact you can see her unmentionables… while still leaving something for the imagination….. you know like when a guy sees a beautiful girl in a movie and thinks “man i’d like to see that chick’s boobs”. Then later in the movie you finally do get to see them…. it’s nice to see them but NOW you know what they look like and there is nothing left to the wonder about… So basically it’s the anticipation of seeing them that is nice… not that you will ever get to see this girl’s hoo-ha but there is still the anticipation of it…..

  1. tranny…and women should never wear shoes like that, they are fucking disgusting…i dont care how good looking you are, i need too see straps round the ankle and as much foot as possible otherwise it looks like you’re trying to hide your massive tranny man feet

    1. militaryminded85 – You sound like such a tool. You’re not funny, witty, intelligent, or any combination of those. What you are is a complete and total jerk-off. It would be great if you killed yourself today at the Thanksgiving table. Come on… do us all a favor. Make it happen.

    2. Michael who the fuck are you?.. you dont know who i am or what type of struggles i have to contend with on a daily basis, for all you know i could be a 12 year old little boy that gets sexually abused by his father and beaten by his mum and bullied at school every fucking day and the internet is the only place i get to actually be somebody and have my own say on anything…why would you tell someone to kill them self when you know absolutely nothing about them other than a few comments that you disagree with?… fucking answer me

    3. Michael can’t come to the computer right now Military, 2lolo is elbows deep in his ass right now.

    1. Remember that this is coming from a guy who thinks things like something saying “backside” or anything even vaguely shaped like a penis is hilarious. Just imagine how he must be sitting there giggling creepily at this.

    2. I don’t know what to think of this site anymore. They read our comments but don’t take heed to our perspective on their posts. I guess it’s our fault for staying here. We’re practically giving them a reason to exist.

    3. They have almost entirely stopped posting funny stuff for a while now. Happens to all these places eventually. I just keep coming for the trolling. At least until that gets old too and it’s time to move on to a new crop.

    4. Facebook can be fun. Especially when you find an idiot that doesn’t understand that you can give yourself the same name and picture as them and thinks you’ve hacked their account, of which there are surprisingly many.

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