Cover Fail


People Fail

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    1. @JIMMY or better know as “GRAVE DIGGER”….
      JIMMY dug up my Mother and Grandmother and FUCK them…… Don’t ask me why?? That’s what JIMMY said……….

  1. considering the fact that she is using a distortion filter, I’m sure she wasn’t intending on that to be serious, lmao Doesn’t change the fact that she needs serious work on her teeth though.

    1. But FRED you been opening your mouth for years…
      For every GAY Man who paid you $5.00…. And bend over for many more man’s….

  2. Ha she should stop trying to get boys with milkshakes. . . Cause every time a guy shows up for the shake . . . “aaaaaand itยดs gone”

  3. I’m going to guess her milkshake is curdled as hell and it may bring all the boys to the yard but they will run away in terror when they see her and her teeth lurking there!!

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