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People Fail

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  1. wtf is wrong with him? if there would have been a person threatened by another he would have just pathed by, but if its a choir of ppl who enjoy their lifes he HAS to step up and show them what a piece of shit he is? maaan i feel like hurting that basdart

  2. Even it being a set up a situation like this happening doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been hearing and seeing Christmas shit since September and I’m already sick of it. Funny it isn’t even December yet and I just want Christmas to go away.

  3. i wish you could hear what he was saying …. i’d want them gone too, but I wonder if he had a logical reason as to why, other than you’re fucking annoying.

  4. If it was real, I wish, instead of being such sheep, people would have beat the shit out of the asshole, then tied him down and sung Christmas carols in his face.

  5. Its fake its for a show on ITV in the UK called fool Britannia, as soon as he said “Go on, ill get a shot gun” it confirmed it was Dom Joly.

  6. yeah, it’s dom jolly. he does a whole show of off the wall stuff like this. the idea is that yeah, it is a setup, but the reactions of the people around and about is entirely real. it’s the reactions that make it funny. do a web search for “trigger happy t.v.” that’s the show that made him. and as mr happy quite rightly points out, his new show is called fool britannia. a very british sense of humoUr.

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