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  1. This looks like an airport though, in which case a lot of those people are most likely dragging heavy luggage around with them. So of course they’re not taking the stairs like the guy with no bags is.

    1. So you mean you can’t see any luggage behind those tons of grainy people, down next to people’s legs where everyone puts their luggage while on an escalator? Gosh, what are the odds of that?

    2. Er, congratulations on spotting the absence of a thing I never said was in that location then? Real impressive.

      So where is this then, hm?

    3. Escalators were designed to expedite travel. If you stand in place on an escalator you have defeated the purpose.

    4. Could be a UFO disguised as a mall luring in Uhmericans so as to capitalize on fail pictures and fail videos.

  2. Dudebro: Yeah, my favourite Krist Novoselic quote is right about that: “People standing on escalators – that is a testimony to human laziness. I mean the guy who invented the escalator is just kicking himself in the ass!” And I agree so much that I walk on every fucking escalator And there are many in Prague, some of them really long. When somebody hinder, I make my way and I’m in the right. If the escalator is full, and there are stairs next to it, I fucking go by stairs.

  3. If the automated stairs were stopped , i guess all those people would be like : Oh my god , what are we going to do now ? That would be hilarious :))

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