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  1. @GRAVE DIGGER JIMMY, FRED don’t care what anyone say about your Cooking….. FRED didn’t Marry you because of your cooking…… It’s how you dress as a HULA Girl….. in Bed……

    1. You probably worked really hard on that, and clicked on submit, satisfied with the epic burn you were about to inflict, but dude… that was about as funny as pimples on my penis. Actually less funny than that…

  2. WTF! Who is this guy, some kind of border guard with the North Koreans? Check out the firearms and other military equipment in back of him.

    1. Well, I guess those orange things on the end of the rifles did look funny. But no, didn’t appear fake to me.

    2. These are airsoft guns. They are not real. In europe we use Airsoft guns too, but according to our law, guns are without orange top and looks like real.

  3. Note the orange tips on the guns people. They’re TOYS. That doesn’t explain why they’re in the kitchen, but he’s not cooking in an arsenal or anything…..

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