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    1. Fucking lonely bitch can’t even speak or write English. . . Why do these uneducated fucks think that Ebonics is a language , it’s just a blanket excuse for being dumb as a stump. Go back to school and learn how to speak you ignorant bitch , then maybe you will get a real man ,, and not just a pretend one.

    2. Well, they don’t “think that Ebonics is a language”. They aren’t purposely speaking what they think is a secret language called ebonics. They are, like you said, uneducated. As in HAVE NOT BEEN educated. They literally do not know any better.

  1. whats with the stupid tags*telling the truth fail*….jesus christ was it so hard to write *lie fail* or *dumb lonely bitch* or just put *forever alone*

    1. He’s easily irritated .. let me check it on google…yes, he is indeed Bipolar. Bipolarity is a common disease among Human beings on earth these days, the percentage of Humans affected by it quickly increased in the past three years.

  2. Bae should be capitalized, and it’s slippin’ with an apostrophe or just add the “g” and make it “slipping”. I hate bad grammar.

  3. Ha ha lol, how do some people not get this?

    Basically she wrote at the bottom, she’s with her boyfriend, and we can see in the mirror that she’s all alone and taking the photo herself.

    Some people are disabled…

    1. or perhaps it is because you’ve got your head to far up your ass to use context clues. I’m just saying. And by the way don’t use derogatory racial slurs, it makes you seem ignorant, you know??

  4. Damn, she is full of make up.. who believes she will sleep this way. She will destroy this poor pillow… no she was just about to go party.

  5. Omg I feel so embrassed for her! How or why did she not look at her photo before uploading it?! At the sametime she somewhat does deserve the ridicule for being an idiot an not noticing her reflection on the back…

  6. dude why is it so hard to except that people speak slang? you can know how to speak proper English and still use slang. It’s like how people use “text talk” a shortening of words. Use context clues if you can’t figure out simple things like that. Gosh who’s really the ignorant one’s here??

  7. Wat she was saying was he took a picture of her sleeping hence why he caught her “slippin”. The fail is she took a picture if herself trying to look like she sleeps cute saying he took the picture oh her sleeping, when it was made to look perfect! Do you guys understand anything?

  8. Finally got the true story on this, a year later. She, WillmaSupaStar, tweeted the picture as a joke, based on a even earlier person’s joke picture clearly meant as a joke. People took the picture seriously after the background.

    derricknthecity blogspot ca [slash] 2012 [slsh] 12 [slsh] willmasupastar-talks-about-slippin html


    Google: “WillmaSupaStar Talks About “Slippin Photo” Going Viral”

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