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    1. Translation: “Unlike with the female breast, your gluteous maximus can actually be shaped according to ones’ whim, via the use of specific exercises. Exercise is far more cost effective than paying a surgeon to shove stuff into your butt. For these reasons I think she is an idiot who shouldn’t have paid someone to shove stuff into her butt in the first place.”

  1. JIMMY has BUTT IMPLANTS, JIMMY always wanted WATERMELON ASS just like FRED’S…. Next JIMMY will be getting MAN MADE TITS….. But JIMMY wants TITS just like DUDETITS…….

    1. Cool story bro. I particularly like that you put all the nouns in caps, except that Man Made would be an adjective.

    2. I’ll have to take your word on Jimmy’s butt implants. Technically all natural tits are “man-made” since they’re part of our genetic code. Twit. I think the word you were looking for was “fabricated” like the lot of your stories.

  2. Wonder if that shit happens everytime she farts… Yeah, I bet if she blew a violent fart that thing would spin uncontrollably… Oh, the lulz to have!

  3. Why the fuck would you make yourself look over weight s via surgery, did KFC shut their doors or something in the land of the free ?

    1. …about what? Do you even know? You’re in such a rush to make your little butthurt grudge comments that you’re barely even making sense anymore. And for what? Do you think militaryminded will suddenly want to be your friend if you keep on persisting in all these sad little emotional displays? How cute.

    2. no I was talking about you… ya know in general you come up these dbag comments like the one above its directed at someone and not to with some lame ass sarcasm to boot and if anyone says anything to you like this you rip on them as a defence. no one cares about people like that cause your a draggg….

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