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  1. @JIMMY that girl sitting on the toilet, that’s your younger sister, Right….. YES It is her… I been banging that ass for the past year….

    1. 2lolo i just talked to my sister and she said she would never do you until you brush your teeth and stop smelling like rotten tuna fish so you might want to stop wearing your sisters panties

    2. @Grave Digger JIMMY, I don’t think so, Your Younger Sister is here with me now…. Licking my balls……

    1. LeAnn Rimes? – Hmmm, don’t remember her face that well, but I think she has way more angular features. If it’s actually you in that pic – as you implied – I’d say you’re most definitely prettier.

  2. It wasn’t a crop fail. Jokes on y’all. I think it’s great this pic made it on here. And yeah i have small boobs, boo fuckn hoo.This pic is on my fb/buttcrackks. No shame in my game, after all I’m not the one pissin.

    1. I’d do you. Your tits are fine with me.
      Tell your friend to show more the next time. Don’t be camera shy.

    2. You can tell she’s not worried by the way she’s back here after a week looking for more compliments.

      So…if it’s not a crop fail and the jokes on us…then what is the joke? What clever thing have you supposedly done here?

    3. Yeah, I’m just trying to get her to go off on me so’s I have some reading material while I beat off to her pic.

    4. You should just cut straight to the trying to find which Jennifer Wilson she is on facebook before the other weirdos here figure it out.

  3. Where’s the fail? The blonde chick is hot. Big deal that the other chick is on the toilet peeing, that’s what girls do in bathrooms.

    Besides, some guys are willing to pay money to see pictures of women peeing.

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