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    1. Yeah I’ve seen him do this before and it was much more impressive, I think the fail here was that the guy clearly doesn’t understand how the autistic lad’s gift works, and has given him a song that’s mostly electro zip noises and spoken words to replicate.

    1. You are all idiots, not that boy. He plays piano like few people on the planet, like a new Mozart. You should all stay there in USA assholes.

  1. Dad’s turned his son into some freak show carnival act.
    I can see him now tooling the ‘tard about Coney Island for cash.
    BTW…the rendition..sucked.

    1. Whatever you say Brazen. I’ll keep my “retardedness” and ability to function in society. He can keep his “gift”.

    2. Congrats on successfully doing what any mid-grade free online midi converter can do in a fraction of the time. Thanks for wasting five minutes and thirty-eight seconds out of thousands of fully functional human beings lives. Sweet gift.

    3. first of all both your names are an embarrassment to all of society. your both judgmental pricks and im sad for your families. lol wasted five minutes and thirty eight seconds? please what the fuck else did you have to do? jerk off to porn stars you’re never going to have a chance with. um i really don’t see you having an “ability to function in society” I love when people hide behind computer screens to make them self’s feel more superior, like they are better then every one else..Id like to see either one you “fully functional human beings” to do what this amazing person just did…oh shit! I forgot!! you mother fuckers can’t because you’re to busy functioning in society. why don’t both of you dick heads stop hating of some ones who’s clearly better then you at well… everything (except being able to “function in society”) and SHUT THE FUCK UP. No wonder society so fucking fucked up. we have cum guzzlers like these bitches “Functioning” in it.

  2. Granted, he can bang away on that piano like nobody’s business… but if you didn’t know what to expect, would you recognize what song this is? Not a chance.

  3. The kid is most likely autistic. I have seen a case of a 13 year old autistic boy they drive around London for the first time, than they ask him to draw what he had saw and this kid drew masterpieces.

  4. I just read the comments on this and all I can think is, really? That’s what you have to say on the subject?

    What I saw in this video is a person who has a talent and enjoys music. Other than what you saw in this video you know nothing of him, or the person sitting next to him.

    I am willing to bet most of you would post your statements to a public place without the behind able to hide behind some screename of the internet.

    disgusted .

    1. What a gift he has, turning a diarrhea into less foul poop. It would have been impressive if he wasn’t a retard!

  5. I’m really appalled on how some of you use the word “retard” like it’s nothing. It’s offensive and it offends a lot of people…but clearly half of you are to selfish/immature to care. When you have kids, let us hope it doesn’t come out”retarded”….because only then you will shut up….

  6. I actually felt bad for this neck beard, posting his autistic student on the web.THIS SONG SUCKS EITHER WAY…. AND IS CRAP…if the kid had any talent he’ld play the real song…poof and psy is gone.

  7. Are you guys kidding me!! What a bunch of assholes! Regardless of opinion of the song and if you like his rendition of the song it’s pretty amazing for anyone to listen to a song 2 times and play that good and he obviously special. Anyone who can in their right mind make fun of a young gifted kid is this worst type of shit head and you should kill yourself because you’re worthless. So shut you’re discussing mouths and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. Has anyone else noticed that one creepy looking finger on the guy’s left hand? A finger joint isn’t supposed to bend that way.

  9. I can’t believe how many people here comment about the intellect of this boy. He is blind, not mentally disabled. How many here could listen to a song twice and then render it on a completely different instrument in such a fashion?

    Jealousy is not becoming.

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