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    1. @FRED I was hoping that your Mother and Father was PRO-CHOICE……. Or USED a Condom……… Better if your Mother SWALLOWED that sad day…….

  1. Some people just… need to do the world a favour and stop breathing. By the way: In the UK and Ireland (and as far as I know most other European Countries) you can be arrested for the mere possession of Brass Knuckles.

    1. When I was in Scotland there was a legitimate SWORD fight in Glasgow. I’m talking claymores. People died. Swords seem significantly more brutal than brass knuckles or pistols.

    2. Brutal? – Aye!
      Potentially lethal? – Aye!
      Easily concealed? – Nay!

      You see, that’s the whole point of such legislation.
      Also: While many types of non-lethal weapons such as tasers or pepper spray (even though at least in Ireland the acquisition and use of these is highly restricted) and to an extent also firearms (thinking “American” here…) can be considered means of self-defence, I really can’t think of an instance in which knucks could be used in a situation requiring self-defence in which I couldn’t rely on good old-fashioned fisticuffs…

  2. LOL – I like this guy! I never thought he would use a brass knuckle to kill the spider, LOL – that is so hilarious man. I would’ve used a shoe to kill a spider but his way was more fun to watch.

  3. I use fire when killing spiders. Lighters for small ones, Bugspray blowtorch for the bigger ones. “Tell your friends mothafucker”

  4. I like to place super glue around the rim of a glass and then glue the glass to the wall. After the glass is firmly in place I douse the glass with gasoline and light it on fire. After the flames have gone out I smash the glass with a fucking sledge hammer and then just repair the wall where the damage was done. Really ass hat, it’s a spider. He went in there with brass knuckles like there was a 200lb gang member attached to the wall in his bathroom.

  5. Ahahahahah I have never seen such a big man be such a pussy maybe if he wasn’t so busy sucking on mamas titty he would have used his brain and rolled up a paper or something gotta love the giant man child cuz I laughed my ass off at this and with out idiots like him in the world I’d have no one to troll

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