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    1. The shit on his eyes/mouth is paint, the rest is not.

      You can do like it says on the video and look at his godawful facebook page to see how he’s midway through some kind of process of having a full “bodysuit” tattoo so he can be a permanently shunned circus freak for the rest of his life.

    2. Or wait, no, the mouth one is real, but he hasn’t gone through with making the eyes permanent yet. He intends to have his entire face covered eventually too, apparently.

      I don’t understand these people. Do they just have big inheritances that they live off of or what? It’s not like they can get any kind of real job looking like this, yet somehow they’re able to pay for thousands of dollars of tattoo work.

    3. Are you sure? that guy doesn’t actually look like he was even INTENT on living long enough to regret this…

    4. Being in the middle of a long term process of covering your entire body in tattoos sure seems like a pretty blatant implication of intent of living to me.

    1. McDonalds would throw this guy’s application in the trash just like anyplace else would. No one wants some freak like this serving their customers.

  1. Yep! Another fine example of the youth of today! What’s wrong with you? Did your mom not give you enough hugs?

  2. You look average and have a doughy body but want attention … so you paint it? … Instead of educating yourself, working out, becoming an interesting attractive person, you just get tattoos on your face? …. That’s like being handed a bag of shit, and your solution to the problem is instead of dumping it out, color it with crayolas. Good work.

    1. I think he must be some kind of trust fund baby and art school dropout. Has such a shit personality that he can’t even make fake friends by flashing his money around and is worthless as an artist, but refuses to accept it (I mean jesus, he couldn’t even come up with a better fake name for himself than JESTER, THE JESTER) so now he’s blowing all his money on this to pretend he’s being artistic and original without any actual effort at all on his part.

      Someday we’ll see him living on the streets and being one of those sad fucks that gets website advertisements tattooed on them for cash.

    2. Good question. No respectable site that anyone actually goes to actually does it, so I’m not sure how those little craphole websites find people to do that. Take out newspaper ads? Just randomly ask people that look like desperate losers on the street? I dunno.

    1. You’re parents are worthless there for you try to find others you’re better then in your head

  3. lol i just looked him up, he actually has them tattoos around his eyes now, they are not exactly the same but still, i can tell from the pictures that they are real because there is dots of blood an sweat from the needle… what a fucking donkey!

  4. The sad thing is that he isn’t even a good artist. His paintings are shit. He’s gonna need to do more than use jester’s as his subject topics if he is going to impress anyone. I feel sorry for him, he needs mental help.

    1. Yeah and it’s not like he’s the first person to ever turn himself into a full body tattooed weirdo. There are already plenty of these people out there with better art on them and that have some kind of entertaining freak talents to go with it. What can this guy do? Just stands there and looks amazingly stupid. You’d think he’d at least learn to juggle or something.

  5. It is amazingly sad that we have not moved passed judging someone by the way they look let. You people make me sick, how do you know anything about him, the video appears to be a bit funny, like what a clown would do, and you judge him based on a few seconds. At least he is trying to be different and not just following the crowd, playing it safe to be like all the others, he is creating something new, I think it’s beautiful. So few actual artists out there now days. Also you can’t judge an artist based on one or two paintings sitting in the background. People really need to grow past this, if it makes him happy that’s all that matters, so few things make people happy now days.

    1. We have a lot more information to judge this guy on with his pathetically ugly freakshow body tattoos than you do on anyone randomly commenting on the internet here, but here you are judging us for not sharing the same cocklust for clowns as you anyway. Get the fuck out of here with your half-assed sub-literate feelgood hypocritical faggotry.


    3. I’d say 33 “mistakes” is a pretty good amount of “mistakes” of which to judge from. Too bad Dahmer didn’t hang out around him though.

    4. First off I’d like to say I’m the artist that has been working with jester, and I was completely astounded to come to know now there’s so many haters that especially kingsquid have enough time on there hands to make so many fucked up comments. Really people, you say he needs therapy n shit, when in all actuality you are the ones in need of help being that you dog on people to make your cookie cutter fake ass bitches feel better about your miserable minute existence. Got an idea for you faggot haters, how about instead of spending so much time downing on a guy, you go get a job and quit assuming that dude is a trust fund baby or is a shitty artist. For fucks sake you people need a life. And also go fuck yourselves, don’t bother commenting back because this is the first and last time i visit this page because it makes me sick.

  6. I have officially witnessed the biggest douche in the world. Thank you for that freak show. What a fabulous way to never have anything in life except for a F**KED up face. WAY TO GO NIMROD. Oh and, was I supposed to feel scared by this sad display of crazy?

  7. I love all you judgmental crazies… You make a jester laugh and make me know I made the right choice by being me more than following the hate train. Love you all so very much and hope you all feel happiness some day. Kisses and good vibes. -Jester

  8. hey, how about you all shut the fuck up. Since when it is it a crime to be yourself? To do what you’re passionate about?
    He’s a “freak” for getting tattoos? He’s a faggot for actually sticking with what he likes?
    You all SUCK at trolling. I’d love to actually see you say this to his face. I know him personally, and I can tell you, he doesn’t care what you think. You all are just giving him attention. Which he loves. I’d love to see you say this to Pauly too. It’s not illegal to be modified. and I hope to God your children turn out like this, so then you have no place to judge. Have a nice fucking day.

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