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  1. If not for the spelling mistake, this would be an absolutely amazing tattoo. The artist is incredibly talented; albeit, illiterate.

  2. What the hell possesses a grown man to put a fleeting pop star’s image on their body let alone what real man would claim this crappy-ass bubble gum music as their favorite?
    BTW…dig the open mouth breather pose from Cody, Daktota, or Dylan here.

  3. i think it is spelled right, he has a beauty mark above the “r” so it makes it look like the “i”. but still…its a gay tat.

    1. @Grave Digger JIMMY When are you going to post your Tattoo of FRED face on your ass??? FRED Mouth is open around your ASS-O……

  4. Had he not put the name, it would have been a preety sweet tattoo, Artist did a great job, he should have stopped at the portrait.

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