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    1. I don’t think anyone with more than half a brain will give much credence to anything said by you RoccoL! We all know you’re a racist hillbilly.

      Football (yes, FOOTball, you kick it with your foot and only the goalie can handle the ball) is an awesome sport, yes there’s some prima donnas and yes I wish there was more fair play and less falling over clutching legs from the slightest knock, but there’s some real magical moments of skill and class that unfortunately for you, you’ll never witness due to the blinkers installed over your eyes.

      Enjoy your american football (poorly named as there is no ball plus you carry the fucker), and if you ever want to see a REAL mans sport, check out rugby. They don’t need a suit of body armour like in american football.

    2. Gotta agree with JK football is a great simple spot people can enjoy and play and the name makes more sense than that american foodball aka handegg

    3. JK, your just sore us Hillbillys whoops yer British asses. Yes, wear bright red uniform and stand in a straight line. Thanks for the target practice.

    4. @ ComicDebris: “YOU’RE”, damn it. How are you still getting that wrong? You are the quintessential stupid American. Thanks for that.
      @ everyone else: apples are the most amazing fruit in the world, and obviously better than oranges, which have absolutely no redeeming qualities.

    5. Football is the second most popular sport in USA for 12-25 year olds. Also the most popular in the world. Get used to it yankee boy.

    6. Why was my comment somehow construed with me being 1. a racist and 2. A hillbilly?
      Odd flame there JK.
      I have not lived nor ever visited the so called Southern tier of US States where one would find such rural dwelling humans ( “hillbillies” as you refer).
      I also not once commented on the race of these 2 soccer pussies.
      So your presumptive description of my lineage is totally without merit and must be based upon what you see on the BBC or some other mass media format.
      Please stop being so Euro-ignorant next time.

    7. Rocco, my presumption of you being a racist hillbilly comes from the torrent of hateful, racist posts I’ve seen you make on EF over the last couple of years, nothing more. I’m sorry I made an incorrect assumption regarding your exact location, but if you’d like to deny being a racist after all the nasty shit I’ve seen you write in comments then feel free! Like I said anyone who’s seen you post before will know that. In fact I’m quite shocked to see you posting on something with no racial predilection, are you feeling ok?!

  1. Reason #379 why US soccer players will never be viewed as legitimate in the world most famous sport.
    Seriously… freaking cartwheels?

  2. @Finger Fuck FRED…. Your Wife “Grave Digger JIMMY” is Fucking and Sucking the rest of the Team in the Locker Room…..

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