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    1. Speaking of Hello Kitty, I gotta draw a fresh one on my tallywhacker…just in case I need to send greetings.

    2. @FRED, Your Wife Grave Digger Jimmy would love “Hello Kitty” on your Dick……. HELL!!! JIMMY love anybody Cock……… Your’s TOO…..

    1. Implying that soccer is sooooo boring to watch, they threw the keg into the TV out of frustration at the zero to zero tie game final score.

  1. I’d say that’s more of a party win. If people get knackered enough to toss a keg through the tube, it’s a bloody good time.

  2. not really a fail when you take into consideration that TV is worth about $5 if that, maybe you could donate it and get a tax write off for 75 cents. This might have been a fail back in about i dunno 1997?

    1. They’re still out one giant tv. They can’t exactly go down to best buy and ask them for their finest “$5” 50 inch CRT TV to replace it.

      I mean if I come set your car on fire am I doing you favor because it’s out of date anyway?

  3. All this picture says to me is the host of the party is poor as fuck, that tv is worth about 75 cents, or a donation to your local arc/goodwill.

  4. Don’t know what was in the keg but the only halway decent beer I see is the Shock Top so the party was a fail from the start.

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