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    1. @Finger Fuck FREDDY, Isn’t this you voice over?? Sound just like you when you getting your BUTT FUCK….

  1. so he is saying “because” or “pickles”, i guess he likes pickles if hes wearing a green homo prep shirt…..cause now every raper wears bomo green prep shirts and somewhat loose pants walking in a nature trail with rainbow background bebind him….must me talking about pickles..” i got pickles, pickles, pickles cause im gay, gay gay, i like pickles, pickles ,pickles, in my butt butt butt” …..yep thats what the songs about

  2. i got pickles, pickles i got, you messing with sta? gare mi, gare gare gare mi pickles, pickles, pickles, pickles when i party, party like me 😀

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