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  1. Garbage. . id slay this nigga with my words .. Get a grip have the shit you saying needs to stay in back of those big lips .. Cant steal this i’m the one needed in the rap game to heal thus.. Forever lost not never alone ill slit your dogs throat before i rob your home

    1. Yawn. Formulaic freestyle rapping requirements: (1) Ostentatious claims to be from a more violent and impoverished upbringing (2) audaciously arrogant claims of being the best freestyle rapper (3) characteristic mumbling, slurring and exploitation of linguistic shortcomings.

    2. That was difficult to read. I’m still unsure of the message you are trying to portray…and English IS my first language.

    3. Mandy Mayhem you must be uneducated if you didn’t understand what dudebro said. I apologize you cannot comprehend large words of more than five letters so here is a translation

      Freestyle rapping requirements:
      1: Vulgar claims that you are more violent and grew up in a rougher neighbourhood than the other rapper
      2. Obnoxious and cocky claims of being a better rapper (i hope you know what obnoxious means)
      3.Mumbling and slurring words to make them sound like they rhyme when they don’t and showing off ones bad grammar.

      That being said I still like freestyle I just thought it was kind of ridiculous mandy didnt understand what dudebro said

  2. Freestyle???? All this time, I was thinking that “Freestyle” was when FRED and JIMMY 69 each other with their mouth full, RAPPING……

    1. NO!! Grave Digger, This Friday night your Mother and Sister is from work… As I Banging your Mother and Sister, I’ll be thinking how lonely you are…..

    1. Its a spacer….words like um and like give the brain time to think….he’s using them to buy time and think about what rhymes hes gonna drop next.

  3. When will the world get sick of morons with small vocabularies making up bad poetry to the same 4/4 beat over and over again.

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