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    1. laisses tomber, omg.. il a sĂ»rement reçu trop d’affection venant de son papa pour qu’il rĂ©agisse ainsi, il faut donc lui pardonner… peace, ou mieux: paix!

    2. Why the hell is there more froggies every day Epicfail page.. Why God?? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? is this your own way to torture meeeeee? :'(

    3. Dieu, pardonne Ă  cette fille britannique qui n’a pas l’esprit ouvert, fais-lui comprendre qu’on est tous tes enfants donc tous freres, peu importe la langue utilisĂ©e .. enleve la haine de son coeur troublĂ© .. qu’elle sache que tu rĂ©sistes aux orgueilleux et que tu fais grace aux humbles! amen

    4. The best part is how they always pretend like they don’t know english, even though they can clearly understand everything we’re saying and continue to reply to all of it.

      Basically he just said that you’re ignorant and that he’s going to pray for you and blah blah blah generic passive aggressive christian babbling. Oh, and something about him loving to pay huge black men to assrape him while pretending to be his daddy and beating him with some french bread. You know, typical french stuff.

    5. hehe nass utnemupen tipishmuan tshetshi apishtat google traduction tshetshi tshissentak tshekuan issishueian aa!! hahaha tshitatmek ate tshe ke kuetshepentau minuat.. ne shtematshenmash!!

    6. translation: hehe I just spent two hours translating every word of this post into each different language featured on google translate!! haha what a winner I am spending so much time on such a stupid masturbatory joke that only I will understand. also, I love huge black cocks!!

  1. The folks back home must be thinking “She looks so cold”. If he thinks his friends are THAT dumb, they’re probably jealous, too.

  2. Maybe that the best he can do right now. you have to start somewhere right. Give him time, he’ll get to a blow up doll soon.

    1. jimmy, do you ever stop and ponder the irony of how by your acts of running around rambling off repetitive broken english insults all over the place that you have become almost indistinguishable from 2lolo? Seriously, you sound just like him.

      Or do you just not care because you’re both the same person?

    1. If you took the time to actually look at the picture and notice the fail instead of fapping to the puppies in your van, you would see it’s a cut out, not photoshop.

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