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  1. Minorities really know how to creep out the world with their funeral decorum.
    The trashy ghetto nails rally add to the pic.

    1. That’s what I say. His special day! Man… I’d like to see him on an average, run-of-the-mill, not-so-good day.

  2. I lack the words to describe how crass the photo is. How can anybody, in any culture, of any income group, think that’s some sort of tribute to the dead? I fear that humans are slowly turning into tasteless blobs of protein, and little else. Maybe it’s time for us to disappear – i.e., have OUR special day.

  3. I believe no matter how culturally accepted from your region that uploading photos of your deceased relatives at a viewing (which is for family’s eyes only) for the web to see (FB Twiiter w/e) is very distasteful. I can’t imagine their dead relative wanting to be shown after the Mortician has had his way with him.

    1. I’ve always thought that taking photos of the deceased at a funeral was in the category of the lowest tastes possible. Why would someone want a photo of a dead person?

  4. all of you are morons. look at the picture. it’s obvious the body is laid up at I’m assuming where he lived. in some places in the world (including the united states) after the body is done being embalmed, the undertaker would bring the deceased back to the house in which they lived and they would be put in the parlor or if they were poor, the living room. a good example is gone with the wind, Rhett’s daughter Bonnie was long deceased and still in her bedroom. c’mon people how small minded can you be….look it up.

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