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    1. no he oviously didn’t fucktards but if you had bothered to have a cat at all or even long enough you’d know what they are thinking or trying to say and if you cant your minds are still closed

    2. Dear Newt, I was actually talking to Cronz, but I guess your rage boner for me forced you to lump me in with him anyway. Anyway, I have “bothered” to have a cat (I like how you say that like it’s just some mandatory thing that people only accomplish by overcoming laziness by the way) and I can safely tell you that the extent of their vocabulary is “give me food”, “pet me now”, and “I’m going to take a shit now”. Cats are not people. They are fucking animals. And no matter how cute they might be, they do not have complex thoughts and secret cat vocabularies. What you are doing is called anthropomorphizing, you filthy little hippie, you. Look it up sometime.

    3. Wow, Spib. That was quite impressive. You should write little short essays. I would buy a collection of them to read while I’m on the shitter in the morning and contemplating the mysteries of the universe. Well, as long as it’s in a small paperback edition.

    4. Wow. Go King Spib. But I’m pretty sure my cat has a “leave me the fuck alone, or I’ll slice you” in his vocab as well.

  1. Electro-shocking your cat is the BEST method for learning the little bastards to stay the hell off your kitchen counters.
    A cayenne pepper and water spray solution is also fun.

  2. omg i feel so feakin bad 4 that cat and also was a rat trap? poor cattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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