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    1. Thank you for pointing that out.
      So maybe he wasn’t that good in bed, but great with everything else.
      This is doesn’t make him look like any less of a man, just makes her look like a cunt. lol.

  1. One does not simply save the name “ex” in their phonebook without adjacently putting a pound sign and a number beside it.

  2. Fact: Only 10-20 percent of women can easilly reach orgasm.
    Fact: 20-35 percent of women can’t reach orgasm at all.
    Coclusion: By stating he “wouldn’t be helpful in the slightest” she means she belongs to those 20-35%.

    1. I disagree with your cocklusion, as the fictional woman presented here would then have no way of knowing, and therefore no reason to explain, that orgasms motivate her to clean.

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