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  1. With a name like that he’d have to be a tough guy. Could you imagine the teasing? Prolly had to beat his way through school.

  2. Just want to say after reading comments on videos for the last hour, 2lolo, Jimmy, and Fred are the biggest losers on the Internet. This is what you do night in and night out? Pathetic!

    1. From looking at your uploaded videos on YouTube, Hans, I’d say you’re jealously shooting for the lead on loser. So, playing video games 24/7 is winning, huh? Your “Late Night Special Response” was pretty gay, IMO. Do you secretly watch birth videos too?

    2. Hahaha, yeah cuz I play videogames 24/7…check the dates moron. I haven’t even posted a video game video in more than a year. That was a fun 1 year phase of my life. And that “late night special response” was a drunken endeavor at a party after seeing the original video…the whole point was to spoof the homoeroticness of it all. At least I was with people in the video…something you probably rarely get to do based on your constant trolling of this website.

    3. He will totally show you guys who the winner is by coming back here to check the replies to this post every day and getting super defensive about his level of coolness as perceived by internet strangers. SHOW YOU GOOD!

    4. Yeah, Jonathon…Oh, excuse me…Hans, “At least I was with people in the video…”. It appears that you were with GUYS and showing each other what you wanted to do to each other. What did you do with the video of where you paired off and gently rubbed dickheads together? What did you do with the one where you gave the coworker a blowjob back in shipping at Home Depot where you work? I guess those were uploaded to your favorite gay site.

    5. You’re something of an Internet sleuth aren’t you Fred? If that’s the case, this is the part where I tell you to “come see me”. 😉

    1. Lucius is a real name. Pusey is almost certainly not pronounced like you’re thinking it. It’s not that crazy.

    2. I believe in Google, which tells me that this guy is real and has since had his name legally changed, probably because of this very picture where they apparently typoed his name, Lucius, into Lucious, making it sound even worse.

  3. Blacks……LOL
    Keep naming your feral offspring idiotic names which guarantees them a life of job applications tossed in the trash, unemployment, and crime.
    Good job black culta’

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