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    1. Yep. That WAS me 20 years from now. Good job understanding the difference between past, present and future, cunt.

    2. Yes. That WAS me 20 years from now. Fantastic job differentiating between past, present and future tenses, cunt.

  1. When I was younger I wanted to get a UV tattoo of an eye ball on my forehead, so when I went clubbing I would look cool. Good thing I didn’t because it would have looked fucking retarded

  2. I like Yoda as much as the next guy, but this tattoo is not — I repeat, not — a win.

    That isn’t Yoda; that is is Yoda’s evil, dark, twisted, ugly, incredibly awkward & generally fucked up looking alter-ego.

  3. H8R has a glow in the dark tattoo on his butt….. A Glow in the dark of a Cock…….. So Grave Digger JIMMY can find his BUTT Hole in the dark……

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