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    1. Reminds me of my nephew, who used a stone on his upstairs neighbors car to write his name… Fun times, FUN TIMES!

    1. @Dudetits Sorry I don’t Do a DUDE with Tits….. Ask H8R he will do anything….. But if you have a sister I’ll be happy to do her………

    2. You still didn’t address you inherent knowledge of another mans penis.
      I have a sister, but she’s not into prepubescent tools, sorry.

    3. Sorry, my sister isn’t into prepubescent douchebags, especially those with inherent knowledge of other dudes dicks.

    4. I bet you two had a great time braiding each others hair, playing with your New Kids on the Block trading cards and looking through Cat Fancy magazine.

  1. Maybe its sarcastic, because she is teaching her kid to park in handicap space with out a pass, or the kid has some kind of mental handicap. It can only be one of the

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