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    1. Yeah, he should have given her a helmet and a protective body suit and encapsulated her in a sanitized steel cage padded with foam. This will surely make us stronger and resilient.

    2. You’re totally right! He should have given her a helmet and protective body armor, then encapsulated her in a sanitized steel cage padded with rubber. That’s how we, as humans, will become stronger and adapt to our environment.

    3. did you not see all the pillows!?! and she has one on her the first time! second was just too much air time

  1. Nice going. That piece of shit could have propelled his daughter right through the window, glass and all. I wonder how he would have explained that to Child Protective Services?

    Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

    1. and that folks is how 2lolo got brain damage that and having his mom dropping him on his knappy head for fun

    2. @Grave Digger JIMMY I couldn’t sleep last night… I was in your Mother room and I hear your head banging on the wall…. You keep on saying “That’s IT HARDER HARDER over and over….. And did we hear it right when you keep on saying “I LOVE YOU DudeTits”…….

    1. Wasn’t really that close and you don’t even know that they’re not on the ground floor, you little drama queen, you.

    2. this is fucking hilarious. if you guys had little sisters you would understand how common shit like this is.

    3. It’s not a matter of how far she falls. Going through a window would shred her flesh and possibly cause her to bleed to death in minutes, or be prone to fatal infection in the coming days.

    4. beaked, living life is dangerous to your health. Did you know that? Go ahead and wrap your kids up in a bubble and never open it up until they’re old and die of “natural” causes. Then everything will work out right. I’ll bet if your kids farted and it didn’t smell normal to you, you’d rush them to the emergency room. Am I right?

  2. anyone who complained about this one: despite the injury, don’t deny that you would LOVE to be the little girl in that video. Pick your own reason for that…. lol

  3. Here we have a fun dad playing with his kids. *high five dad* Was it safe? No.. Was it fun before someone got hurt? Hell yeah. Fun often comes at a price but don’t crucify this dad for being inventful and making his children laugh.

  4. ……next on channel 6 news a child flys out of a window out of nowhere…parents say “she was trying to fly”……child services is inspecting the situation…….wow better the wall then the window

  5. This is so fucking great i cant stop laughing !!! hahaha
    Everyone who dont laugh has no humor and is just a fucking dick !!! I must see it again because its fucking awesome hahah !”!

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